INDIA's Largest Bio-Stimulant B2B Manufacturer Distributor

Company Profile

45 Years Old Group Business

Established in 1972, with one of the First Manufacturing unit for Agri-Inputs in India, We have Rich Experience of more than 4 Decades having 3 generations of our Family in the same Business, growing it day by day in terms of Volumes, Value, Geographies and Scale.

9 Factories Across INDIA

We have 9 Factories with Daily production of 450 Metric Tonnes, These are state of art units capable of coping with any demand.

Third Party Toll-Manufacturing Job-work

We manufacture and pack for more than 100 Different Brands in Different sizing and Packaging styles We have 2 state of Art; Fully Automatic packing Lines which helps make our work easier.

INDIA's Biggest B2B Distribution Network

We being INDIA's Largest Manufacturing Group for Mineral based Granules, which is a basic requirement for almost all Agri-Input companies in India, We supply to more than 670 Agri-Input Manufacturers across INDIA.

Raw Materials

Seaweed Extraction

Sargassum Vitie, Kappaphycus is being cultivated and processed commercially to Extract Liquid and Powder, which is high in Nutrients and act as a very strong Growth Stimulant for plants.
The Process that we use is patented because it is obtained after 30 years of Research and Trials by Govt of India.

Mycorrhizae Technical

Endomycorrhiza: We manufacture Optimised technical of VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae) which can be formulated into Powder, Granules or Liquid.
Our main USP is Efficacy, Infectivity Propagule Strength, Packaging and Price.

Formulated Bio-Stimulants (Liquid, Powder and Granules Form)

Ready to Market, Complete Formulated products having Seaweed Extracts, Amino (Hydrolyzed Proteins), Humic Substances, Gibberellic, Growth Hormones and other plant growth promoting substances are being combined and final product is being manufactured which is ready to use and can be packaged in different sizes with your brand labels.

Bentonite & Zeolite Granules
(Asia's Largest Production – Can be used as carrier for Biostimulants, Pesticides)

We have 3 mines and Multiple Factories to process Calcinated Bentonite, Zeolite to make it into Granules.
It acts as a very good carrier for Bio-Stimulants, which requires Soil Application, because it has Liquid Absoption capacity of 10 to 25% and then acts as a slow release fertilizer when applied to the soil nearby the roots.

Ready to Pack

Our Sister Company

  • Mineral and Metal Industries

Social Commitments

In Education

  • We run a "state of the art", charitable school from nursery to college in 2 different cities.
  • 3500 Students.

In Healthcare

  • 2 Subsidised Medical Centres.
  • 180,000 Patients Yearly.

Contact Us

The Office

  • Address: 202, Corporate Center, Waghawadi Road,
    Bhavnagar - 364001 (Gujarat - INDIA)
  • Phone: +91-278-3201002
  • Mobile: +91-9978782828
  • Email: